Our Classes

  • Ages 6-12

Super Champs Kids

Our kids program is a structured, yet fun environment, that teaches Taekwondo techniques to kids while instilling those all too important character traits found in the tenets of Taekwondo: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and the Indomitable Spirit. Our class schedule is structured to give the student multiple opportunities to come to class and improve on their Taekwondo techniques. We highly recommend kids attend class 2-3 times per week. We also recommend they attend class on consistent days and times to create good training habits.

We offer specific Color and Black Belt classes which we call “Core” classes. These classes run in 8 week cycles. During the 8 week cycle the student will work specifically on the materials for their belt level. We also offer All Belt classes which are designed to help them work on areas where they feel they need extra help, or to get in an extra workout. At the end of the 8 week cycle each student is tested on the Taekwondo Techniques specific to their belt level, and if they pass they are promoted to the next belt level.

Students who come consistently and train hard, typically progress from their white belt to their first degree black belt in about 30 months. To see when classes are scheduled, please see the SCHEDULE section of our website.

  • Ages 13+

Teens & Adults

At Fair Oaks Family Taekwondo we offer classes for Teens through Adults. Whether you want to learn Taekwondo for self-defense, exercise, competition, or for recreational purposes our Adult program is for everyone. As each individual journeys through their own Taekwondo experience they will see their bodies transform mentally and physically!

Taekwondo not only gives you the confidence of knowing that you are equipped with essential self-defense skills needed to protect yourself and others, but it will also give you great satisfaction as you watch your body transform! Taekwondo will help give you more energy, help you with weight loss, improve your flexibility and give you a confidence you didn’t have before. Taekwondo can also be helpful to students who are athletes in other sports as it increases agility, speed and awareness of your strengths and weaknesses that can be improved with training.

Our classes are appropriate for men and women. Each adult will cycle through an 8 week course and will be tested at the end of the 8 week cycle on the techniques specific to their belt level requirements. Upon passing the testing requirements, the student will move on to the next belt level. Most students can achieve their Black Belt in about 30 months.

Once you have achieved your Black Belt, your status is recognized here in the United States as well as internationally through the Korean Kukkiwon.

  • All Ages

Taekwondo Fitness

Who wants a heart pumping workout!? This 30 minute “Cardio Kickboxing” class is designed to get you breathing hard and growing muscles all while teaching you basic striking and kicking techniques for self-defense.

Unlike many “gym” cardio kickboxing classes, much of our workout involves punching and kicking bags which provides for a much richer and entertaining training experience. Drop in on a class for just $10 or sign up for a month for some savings!

  • All Ages


Interested in learning some basic self-defense in a quick action packed and structured TWO HOUR seminar?  Let us know!  Maybe you have a soon to be High School Graduate you are sending off into the world?

Maybe you and some friends want some empowerment and ideas for staying safe?  Parking garage at the office a scary place? WE CAN HELP! We conduct classes throughout the year, but also welcome a class just for you and your friends!  Give us a call for dates and pricing.