Our Taekwondo Classes

Our Taekwondo program is a traditional Korean Taekwondo program known for its awesome kicking. Fair Oaks Family Taekwondo is a member of the United World Taekwondo Association (UWTA) and is a Kukkiwon Certified school. The Kukkiwon is the gold standard for Taekwondo and we are pleased to teach using a structured teaching system that creates successful taekwondo practitioners. Our belt system teaches goal building and leadership skills that helps people become confident and productive not only in their own lives, but in the lives of their families and society. Each class is exciting and you will work up a sweat, all while having fun and learning self-defense in every class. Our taekwondo training program is based on an 8 week cycle, and is taught by certified instructors who continuously train and update their skills through continuing education.

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Our Certified Instructors

Master Brian Kropp

5th Degree Black Belt – UWTA

5th Degree Black Belt – Moo Duk Kwan

4th Degree Black Belt – Kukkiwon

Kukkiwon Masters Course Level 3 Completed

Regional Chief of Trainee Instruction – UWTA

Certified Master Instructor – UWTA

National Champion – UWTA

Level 1 Corner Judge Certified

Level 2 Center Judge Certified

Level 3 Chief Judge Certified

Kukkiwon American HoSinSul (self-defense) Course Completed

Master Brian Kropp 5th Degree Black Belt